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David John was born and raised in the Netherlands. Growing up with a variety of experiences, having to cope with many challenges and adversities, he always managed to overcome and conquer throughout years. This made David the man he is today, as he developed his own unique skills and methods evolving and covering a wide range of matters and circumstances.

David gathered all the strong elements that he possesses. In his own way he expresses and generates his thoughts and teachings in a united form of creations.

As we speak, David operates his business worldwide. He aims to inspire and motivate many people that come along the way or those that reach out for him. With his passion, dedication and focus David guides those in need of advice or a simple touch of words creating new channels for them to view things from a brighter perspective and moves those toward the opportunity to achieve success.



As speaker David desires to support and inspire self-development.


David is active as beat creator, music producer, vocal coach and artist.


David supports many business owners in their pursuit to success.


David supports those that desires professional websites and more.


David John writes his way into the minds and hearts of those who read.


David John makes sure to photographically capture your best moments.



  • Annet
  • Patricia
  • Claudia
  • Max
  • Sanae
  • Virgill
The encounter with David John happend suddenly, but we were instantly on the same frequency from the first meeting on as far as idea’s, plan of action and promotion in order to realize my website. David had a great sense in what my wishes and needs were and how I wanted my website to be. Due to his great expanding experience, input, constantly thinking along with me and suggesting what’s best. This had lead to an astonishing website with an utterly professional look, and that was exactly what I was aiming for. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation!
David john supports you by thinking along with you in reaching your goals. He looks at possibilities from a wide perspective and in what will benefit you for a long term. He brings up critical questions in order to make you aware of the necessities in reaching your target. He’s also an eye opener in teaching you how to reach your goals in a faster and better way. He is open to new idea’s and suggestions which adds up to a better vision. David John’s expertise such as Photography, Design and Entrepreneurship have been efficiently integrated in our collaboration. This makes David John a professional to converse with and a pleasant all around, creative individual to work with.
I was focused on the development of my plan in starting my own business as a stylist and personal shopper at that time. It didn’t take that long for me to be convinced that David was going to be the one building and designing my website and logo. I was offered the space to be closely involved throughout the whole creative process, which made everything go smooth and easy within a short period of time. I felt like I had to step on David John’s brakes once in a while just because he was so over enthusiastic in getting everything done and in a perfect way. I must say that effect had a great positive impact on me, and it drove me to realize my new business right away and successfully. David works accurate and fast, he’s truly a perfectionist and he always keeps his word and promises! All these important aspects create a good vibe. You’ll be able to fully trust him and his work and expect a stunning website/design. Therefore I highly recommend David John to everyone.
Our new website turned out to be more than we’ve expected. We are absolutely stunned by the results, exceeding all of our expectations. We proudly represent the new face of our Movement. With a new vibrant professional look and a brand new logo and not to forget to mention the variety of possibilities that the new website offers us to inform our clients is just great. It really is a massive step forward. We are deeply impressed by the high quality in design, constructing and designing a proper website within a short time frame. Even when adjustments needed to be made it’s done instantly and on point. We therefore thank David John in many ways for successfully translating our goals, purpose, needs and extra support into an awesome website. The website is truly complete in our eyes! Once again, thank you for creating a fantastic visual entrance to our company.
David John is not your average web designer or producer, because uniqueness is written all over him. There is no limit to the touch of his creativity, it does the magic whether it is photography, web design, creative writing or composing songs/beats. David John is a fresh exuberant natural talent and not to forget to mention a problem solver, dedicated to make it work and synchronizes with the wishes of each individual he works with. He works quick and specific, inspires and a terrific listener, as he indicates exactly what’s needed. Above all David John is an abundant soul and loves to help and provide creative solutions, the effort he puts in is heartfelt and sincere. All that is appreciated a million. Thank you!
My Business went up from the moment David John finished my website in combination with all the necessary social media elements that he realized for me in order to trigger the Market. I’m telling you it’s been running unbelievably successful! The final result and his way of work is flabbergasting, he works faster than the speed of light, his way of working and operating is flexible as water and what I like the most about him is: ‘his wide perspective on things’. If you’d ask me? …i’d say..’your starting point to a successful business starts at davidjohn.nl’
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