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With all respect, a mother is not defined a mother just by carrying a child for 9 months, but by caring for that child for a lifetime and not giving up caring. I need to be real on this, because many people (both moms and dads) don’t really spend enough time of proper care toward their children after birth. Even though we know this will actually partly defines the future of a child. This is only one part of the deal as I will now start sharing a feeling regarding the other side of it.

Lets think outside of the box for a moment or two and re-define the pregnancy process a bit:
Be open to look at pregnancy as a process where a mother doesn’t just carry a child, but as well takes away the pains and affliction of her unborn child to be born freely and released of pain, to start a fresh new life. Let’s say for a moment that this is true and your mother actually carried your pain for you, so that you could be born free.

If this would be true, wouldn’t this change your perspective of life? Wouldn’t you re-pay that gift by giving eternal respect and love to your mother? And wouldn’t you spend a lifetime of hard work an dedication toward positive goals, to show your mother that every second of the pain was worthwhile?

Always be open-minded toward new truths.
Happy mothers-day!

David John

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