Weakness or growth

October 18, 2015




One never grows up to become weak, fragile, a failure, depressed, etc. Humans are never born to become any of that. We experience many things throughout life, but always to become stronger, better, smarter, sharper and to achieve more on higher levels. Even when people get hurt or caught up in difficult situations.

Everything happens for a reason, even though it might not always be understood by everyone directly. The moment you give up is a moment of weakness, but that doesn’t always mean that you are not strong enough to face your situations and overcome them.

Stop blaming life, other people or even God when you face the effect of losing grip over your steering-wheel of life. Challenges are part of life, without challenges there is no growth. Dominate the grip of your own wheel as YOU are responsible for every decision you make in your life.

David John

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