Frustrated love

March 19, 2016




Real love might sometimes challenge you with frustrations, but should not lead toward rejection (when a person doesn’t accept you nor respect you, simply means rejection).

Frustration is only possible when you really love someone.. otherwise carelessness would be there and someone could easily walk away and turn the page to close that book.

So when someone is frustrated, the other should calm the person down no matter which words are thrown. Because one should understand that frustrated situations can only grow out of love in combination with feeling stuck in a way. In that case someone might (by frustration) simply try to reach out for a helping hand.

Proper communication can only take place when one’s mind is calm and at ease… So I believe we should invest more toward that achievement. And always be honest toward eachother. A little frustration is normal but it should lead toward resolvement, and should always be done as a team.

Be blessed,
David John

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