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July 24, 2013




A personal relation can grow out of a feeling which can be transformed into any type of relation. Most people believe they need to get together when they sense the “feeling” which manifests when a connection is made. Apparently this is not true. The feeling one might experience does only show us “Hey! there is a connection!” What we do with it and how we get along with it is up to us. But first we need to take our time to discover and understand the reason behind that connection.

Talking about a potential future partner type of relation, many miss out on fundamental aspects like:

Learning to understand each other regarding emotional and mental languages. One need to be able to understand and feel the other person properly. This will prevent many ways of misunderstanding moments to drive the relation into a disturbance. When this fundamental aspect is not able to achieve a high percentage of completion, I guess you might be able to calculate the outcome of it without me having to explain this.

Spending quality time
Spending enough quality time while getting to know each other. With this I do not refer to movies, food or clubs. I refer to proper open conversations while showing all your sides while getting to know about the many sides of the potential future partner. Fooling another person with puppet play by only showing your best sides, equals fooling yourself by allowing an illusion to grow between the both of you. A true partner is the one who stays with you when you are at your worst. Only then one is worthy of your best.

One needs to know that speaking is silver but listening is gold. Proper communication can only grow strong when both are able to open up towards each other and listen. Even in situations where emotional peeks are taking place. (like sadness or anger)

Providing space
I believe everyone needs its moments of space from time to time. Even though you might form a team, you will always remain an individual as well. And every individual needs its moments of being alone from time to time. Apart from this one has its own set of friends next to the relation, and one might even have to travel overseas on its own. This space should always be respected from time to time, but hey, you will come back home eventually. Even if this might be difficult at some moments, one always needs to respect the other individual as an individual soul. We are no caged birds you know…

Respect and trust
Respect is one of the most important elements of life itself. It will so on provide one of the most important elements within every kind of relation. Out of respect grows honesty and these ingredients create “trust”. Many believe trust must be build throughout time, but dare to look in a mirror confronting yourself with that question towards yourself. Can YOU be trusted? Because if you know you can be trustworthy you will not have a hard time to trust the one you will choose as your partner. Otherwise you should think twice before getting yourself into a situation you would not want for yourself. I personally think the greatest gift one could provide is trust, and the one who receives this is the one to take good care of that gift. If you can’t trust the one you choose, why would you want to be with that person?

I do not call myself a relation therapist, I only share what I learned throughout life…
You don’t have to agree on my words, and don’t worry if you don’t feel or understand them. There is still enough time to learn and observe the many aspects of life…

David John

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