Fallen parenting

April 8, 2014




Message to all parents who failed on their relation. Please pay close attention as my message is very serious.

It is your MAIN responsibility to raise your child in every aspect you are able to fulfill wherever and whenever possible. Every baby is born out of 2 parents responsible for its birth. So each one who is still alive has its responsibility to raise the child to the moment it is able to stand on its own feet in a proper way.

Don’t become dramatic when it doesn’t work out with your relation. When there is a fight going on NEVER expose this to a child. Men or women might refuse to talk sometimes and walk away, but yelling won’t ever make them stay! You should not feel forced to stay with someone that repeatedly breaks you deep inside.. Never underestimate a child in the scene, because every child will feel the damage of every parent. And might even get hurt emotionally or psychologically. So if it doesn’t work out, create some space, but always take care of your children as this became your main responsibility since the day of birth…

PS. Never ever use a child as a pawn to get things done. Karma will hit you hard..

Bless the next gen’s,
David John

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