Steering wheel of consiousness

October 10, 2013




You have the choice and the power to either allow or disallow negativity into your life. The confrontation in this matter pushes one to a certain degree and state of consciousness and awareness. Putting yourself to the test on a daily basis while realizing that each and one of us is responsible for our own footsteps and decisions, even when faced with measures that seem to be out of your control. Most of the choices / decisions we make are sometimes determined the wrong way based on the fact that one does not foresee the effect and consequences following up. It’s therefore important to get a better sense of understanding regarding the processes, cause and effect. This state is called involvement and filtering, by looking into your habits, physical reflex and emotional expressions. There is no better way for you to learn from your own mistakes, rewind, analyse and recognize your defaults. It proves that making mistakes is part of the human process.

Instead of being in a constant slumbering state distracted and bombarded by a billion messages per second, digesting fast-food for the brain by absorbing everything like a sponge, directly into your system. We are so caught up in the fast paced of life, stimulated by technology, our little devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.), social media (such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.), TV and so on. It forces us to look at the world from “without” and make decisions / choices from what the “world without” projects us on the big trendy screen of reality. Or is it truly reality as we know it? We forget to view the world from within, listen to our intuition and heart, observe our inner footsteps. We need to wake up, adjusting the steering wheel of your consciousness into the right direction and state of mind, will lead you to a wider perspective on things in general and within yourself and all that will eventually lead to inner peace. Don’t loose touch with the inner “you”, aster the mastery of thy self, you will become your own teacher as we live and learn, expand and become more aware of the things that truly matter, change of communication and above all.. get to know the other side of yourself.. “thus within”.

David John

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