The key essence of a relation

November 4, 2013




The key essence of a perfect relation does not lay within the dreams or expectations that beforehand might occur in one’s mind. It doesn’t even lay within the amount of love and hope regarding the things you might equally share. Even if one really believes that he or she understands you perfectly, that does not even serve as the most important key stone when you talk about the one you wish to keep for life. If you believe you serve all of the elements I just wrote, you should look even deeper into your soul.

Not love nor equal aspects, not hope nor believe, not trust nor dreams.. equal the essence of acceptance fused with fortitude.
Every friendship grows out of care (equals love). Next to the necessary amount of quality time spend, it can only be defined as “pure” when it contains the fused essence I just explained.

Forgiveness, patience, trust, believe, respect, etc. you shouldn’t even have to mention when a bond contains the right essence.
These should just flow as a natural process… just like accepting the good and the bad sides of the one worthy of such.

Think about it for a second…

by David John

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