Transformation of the ego

December 31, 2013




Let’s put the spotlight on the following topic ‘transformation of the ego’ closely related to the main changes we’ve had to face in the past few years. By giving it a better understanding we are able to filter the underlying causation and effect, what drives us away from the conscious awareness and shapes us into the beings we daily project to the world. With the purpose to make a change for the next coming year(s).

Many people have wandered in their self egocentric inner environment throughout the years. I’m not confronting or pointing out at anyone or whatsoever. We all know that it’s more than clear that each and every individual living this live has the responsibility over their own actions, regardless the smartness, consequences won’t let you dodge out. Allow me to break down this topic and get to the core of it. Matters referring to selfishness and egocentric behavior and expressions that circulate among us.

Some people just don’t know any better and live this ignorant habitual way of thinking. The thing is that they have never really adapted the basics given by their elders, or simply dismissed all the important factors that they were brought up with along the way, putting the priority on other things other than the love for thy self and others. People with the egocentric state of mind might encounter distortion with themselves or others sooner or later, that’ll put them in front of a challenge don’t you think? Can parents always be blamed for the way someone turns out to be when they grow up? Or are there other unrelated factors that play a bigger role in their behavior?..

Question yourself or perhaps someone you know that might have slipped into the hands of greed and selfishness, becoming immune for sympathy and less assertive towards others or yourself all due to ‘disappointments in life’. It seems like people have chosen for individuality rather than carrying or having compassion, loyalty for others. If you are the only one giving and sacrificing, offering a helping hand when in need whether it’s care, love, financial help, a shoulder, friendship or whatsoever and then afterwards still go ahead and treat you badly.

Not everyone is thankful and genuine and remember that it’s them wandering in their own egocentric circle and don’t get sucked into it by getting upset about it or transforming into a similar behavior coming forth out of revenge. But think about it.. is the blame always on others? The clue is that it could sometimes be your own fault why people treat you that way. Never allow a situation outside of you to dominate and determine your life too much. Remember you can’t just go ahead and offer everyone help out of the blue. The natural process of cause and effect which not everyone understands yet foretells that some people were ought to find their own path, experiencing things even when they meet adversities and obstacles. What if it is meant for them to find their own way without your help? Could it be that you are disturbing their process by offering your help? Who gave you permission? Understand the power of this matter and think about it for a second.

Even though our help and actions are done by heart, it doesn’t always mean that it was right or that the outcome will be positive. We need to balance our hearth with our mind in order to verify and understand the proper way and moment to help someone. A heart by it self can turn black easily, but a pure heart synced with a clear mindset always acts determinedly proper from self-awareness upon other by implementing that different vision on selfishness and asserting help at the right moment.

Let us start focusing the next-coming year on upgrading our self-awareness and be helpful with a different and renewed vision and perspective. And always be aware enough not to cause disturbance into anyone’s life just to imprint our own egoistic way of being supportive, and expecting help in return. Free yourself and free others of their suffering! I wish you all the best (in a way your perspective defines your best) for the next-coming year(s)!

David John

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